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China's petroleum equipment manufacturing has entered a "green" era

"Our team reversed the situation of losing money of type 70 drilling rig for two consecutive years at one stroke, relying on electric oil drilling rig." February 24, the Great Wall drilling second company 70101 team captain Feng Xian to staff inventory last year's accounts said. The electric oil drilling rig not only saves energy and environmental protection, but also can reduce the cost. The average cost of each rig can be reduced by 420,000 yuan per month. Up to now, the second drilling company has used electric oil substitute equipment in 281 Wells, saving more than 6,300 tons of diesel oil.
13 2020/05

Report on supply and demand Analysis and investment Prospect of Downhole Drilling Tools market in China (2014-2018)

Booz Data released the "2014-2018 China Oil Drilling Downhole Tools Market Supply and demand Analysis and Investment Prospects Research Report" consists of 11 chapters. This paper first introduces the concept of downhole tools industry in China, then analyzes the development environment of downhole tools industry in China, and then analyzes the market running situation of downhole tools industry in China, and finally analyzes the opportunities and development prospects of downhole tools industry in China.
23 2019/08
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