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Oil well anticorrosion protection device
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Oil well anticorrosion protection device

Product description

Oil well anticorrosion protection device

Product description


At present, most of the oilfields in Shengli Oilfield have entered the high water cut or ultra high water cut development stage. Although water flooding has increased crude oil production, it has worsened the use environment of tubing, casing and downhole tools. This is because the injected water is mostly re-injected from the stratum produced water. The formation water in Shengli Oilfield is highly mineralized and belongs to strong electrolyte. It has a strong electrochemical corrosion effect on downhole tubing, casing and downhole tools (especially in water injection wells). The service life of downhole tools has increased the number of operations and production costs.

In oil and water injection wells, tubing, casing and well fluid (electrolyte) constitute a macro-electrochemical corrosion cell. Because the metal materials that make up tubing and casing are different (in general, casing is better than tubing), In the strong electrolyte composed of injected water, the oil pipe is always corroded first and becomes the anode of this macro cell. Protecting the tubing from corrosion is a good strategy to extend the service life of the water injection string.

A more active metal is used instead of the oil tube to replace the oil tube, which acts as the anode of the macro-cell in the electrochemical corrosion. In the electrolyte composed of injected water, it is this more active metal that acts as the anode to be corroded. The sleeve acts as a cathode to prevent corrosion.

The product is mainly composed of upper joint, lower joint, alloy layer, screen tube and sealing sleeve. The alloy layer is cast from a more active metal than the tubing material.

Instructions for use


Check tool

The tool must be inspected carefully before it goes down, and it can only be run when the tool is intact. The inspection content is as follows:

Whether the connecting threads at both ends are intact.
The outer surface of the tool must not be permanently deformed after a collision.
All lock pins must be tightened and not exposed on the mother surface.


Field use

The oil pipe anti-corrosion protection device is connected in series with the oil pipe, and is installed in the oil well from about 50m above the pump, and is connected at about every 150m, and is run into the well with the oil pipe. Note: Because the oil pipes in the middle and lower parts of the oil well corrode faster in immersion in liquid, when the anticorrosive device is installed in the lower part, the distance can be relatively small, while the upper oil pipe is not immersed in liquid and corrodes slowly, so the distance can be relatively large. In the water injection well, the installation is started from about 50m above the bottom ball, and one is connected every 150m, and it is run into the well with the tubing. Note: Type I can be used, or type Ⅱ and type Ⅲ can be used alternately. In this way, the alloy layer on the anticorrosion device acts as the anode of the primary cell in the well, and is constantly corroded, while the tubing is protected as a cathode from corrosion, thereby greatly extending the service life of the tubing.

Technical characteristics


Simple structure, good anti-corrosion effect, can effectively prevent oil pipe corrosion and prolong its service life.
Reliable performance and long service life, can be used continuously for 2-3 years.
Can be used repeatedly, if the alloy layer is not severely corroded, it can be used again after pressure test.

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