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Plasma slit screen

Product description

Plasma slit screen

Product description


Plasma slit screens produced by our company, with the same body and pipes, are cheap and superior in performance, large in diameter, small in flow resistance, and high in reusability. They are increasingly widely used in horizontal wells, side wells, branch wells, etc. Production and sand control in well completion and sand production reservoirs. At present, the slitting accuracy of plasma slit pipe can reach 0.15mm. According to the theory of bridge plugging, its sand retaining accuracy can reach 0.10mm. It is recommended in sand control wells with a particle size greater than 0.15mm or in wells with less serious sand production when the particle size is less than 0.15mm. Use a plasma slit pipe.

In addition, the sieve pipe is also widely used in oil production pipe strings under pumps.

Technical characteristics


Good self-cleaning: narrow narrow ladder structure with narrow width and smooth gap wall;
Good geometry
The surface of the cavity is resistant to corrosion and high hardness;
Good finish: small flow resistance;
High processing accuracy and good mechanical properties;

Without welding, its own strength is high, and it is not easy to be damaged during transportation and running. 

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