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Equal diameter flush pipe
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Equal diameter flush pipe

Product description

Equal diameter flush pipe

Product description


Equal diameter flush pipe is currently widely used in downhole tool accessories for sand control and oil well flushing. This accessory is suspended under the sand control tool to improve the filling sand control effect. It can also be used for oil well sand blasting. The fluid has a fast flow rate in the equal-diameter flushing pipe and strong sand carrying ability, which can effectively complete the sand blasting operation. This product has the characteristics of low downhole resistance, and is not easy to jam the pipe string. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the construction accident rate and prevent accidents caused by sand jams.

Equal diameter flush pipe is mainly composed of lower joint, body, elevator part and coupling.

Instructions for use


The matching flushing elevator must be used when lowering the flushing pipe.
The downhole flush pipe must be cleaned and free of defects such as cracks, punctures and deep corrosion.
It is recommended that after using the flushing pipe 3 times, each flushing pipe must be pressed to 35MPa before going down the well, and the pressure drop within 5 minutes can be used.
When lifting the pipe string, it is necessary to operate stably, and it is strictly forbidden to lift, blast and drill in order to prevent accidents.

Pay attention to protect the threads at both ends during handling.

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