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Rotary water jet deblocking device
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Rotary water jet deblocking device

Product description

Rotary water jet deblocking device

Product description


In order to solve the problem of sand production, many oil wells adopt gravel pack or filter sand control technology. However, with the progress of oil well exploitation, the screen tube is easily blocked by sludge and fine sand, resulting in a significant decrease in liquid production. In order to solve this problem, we have designed and developed a high-pressure rotating water jet deblocking device, which can generate a rotating high-speed water jet, which generates a huge impact on the near-well zone, blasthole, or sieve tube. Pollution in the well area is blocked, and at the same time, the device can produce a cavitation state to achieve the effect of backflow. The dual functions of flushing and backflow make this device very efficient in unblocking.

Rotary water jet deblocking device is connected by inner and outer pipes. The outer tube consists of a conversion tool, a high-pressure water jet deblocking tool, and a horizontal well cleaning converter; the inner tube consists of a flushing tube and a conversion regulator.

Technical characteristics


Simple operation and easy matching: It can be run directly by flushing or tubing, and it can also be used with coiled tubing.
The cleaning is comprehensive and thorough, and the coverage is increased: the entire screen section and every part of the screen can be spread through the rotary cleaning.
The plugging effect is good: the device can effectively remove the blockage of the screen tube, blasthole and near-well, and the pressure drops 2MPa after cleaning.

It can be implemented with the pickling process.

Instructions for use


The high-pressure rotating water jet deblocking device is connected to the end of the pipe string according to the design, and is lowered to the lower position of the oil layer.
Connect the pump truck and the ground pipeline, and test the ground pipeline pressure.
Open the oil pipe and casing gates, and cycle the well with a large displacement of the pump truck. After the liquid returns from the outlet, slowly lift the lowering and lowering of the pipe string for unblocking operations to ensure that the upper and lowering range covers the entire oil layer. (For wells with longer intervals, you can take the form of single roots or use coiled tubing for flushing, or you can increase the number of units).

After the plugging is completed, the well is fully washed until the inlet and outlet are consistent, and then the pipe string is lifted out.

Well selection conditions


Oil and water wells with reduced fluid volume due to blocked screens.
Suspected blocked boreholes or oil and water wells near the well.

Oil wells that require measures such as acidification and viscosity reduction.

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