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Cyclone sand remover

Product description

Cyclone sand remover

Product description


After the oilfield enters the middle and late stage development, with the development of oil wells, due to the decrease in formation pressure, the dissolved gas in crude oil tends to precipitate prematurely, reducing the fullness of pumping pumps, reducing the pumping efficiency, and even causing air locks. In addition, due to loose cementation of the formation, excessive production pressure difference, and other factors, often lead to sand formation in the formation, resulting in increased wear and tear on the pump, stuck pump, and affect the normal production of oil wells. Practice has proved that the larger the gas-oil ratio of an oil well, the more serious the sand production in the formation. In order to solve the above problems, each oilfield often uses a cyclone sand remover that uses a slip effect and gravity separation under the pump to perform simple separation to prevent gas and sand from entering the pump. Although it has a certain effect, from the field application situation, it has a poor effect on oil wells with serious gas outbursts and sands. Although the foreign-produced cyclone sand remover has a good effect, its structure is complex and the production cost is high, which limits The scope of practical application.

The swirling sand remover uses a combination of spiral centrifugal separation, gravity slip hood separation and one-way leather bowl sealing structure to achieve the secondary separation of gas, liquid and sand particles. The structure is shown in the figure, consisting of upper joint, sealing ring, upper screen tube, shunt tube, shunt joint, steel ball, adapter, leather bowl, leather bowl seat, central tube, spiral piece, lower screen tube, separation umbrella, and lower plug. , Lower connector and so on.

Technical principle


The cyclone sand remover is installed at the lower part of the oil pump, and the leather bowl seals the annular space of the oil pipe and the casing. With the reciprocating motion of the oil pump, the liquid flow containing gas and sand particles enters the central tube through the liquid inlet, the spiral blade and the separation umbrella at the upper part of the lower screen tube. After the liquid flow enters the central tube, the steel ball is opened through the split joint and the upper sieve pipe to flow around the oil jacket annulus, and enters the pump from the side hole of the split joint through the split tube. At the inlet of the lower sieve tube, due to the density difference of oil, gas and sand particles and the change of flow direction, the gas will slip and float, and the sand particles will sink due to gravity, and the first separation of oil, gas and sand particles will be realized. During the flow of the liquid flow outside the lower central tube, the spiral blade and the separation umbrella make the liquid flow rotate inside the air anchor.Due to the different density, the centrifugal force experienced by the fluid is also different, causing the bubbles in the liquid to separate and gather, and float along the central tube. Discharged into the annulus of the casing and tubing, the sand particles sink to the lower tail pipe of the pump under centrifugal force and gravity to achieve secondary separation. At the shunt joint, under the action of gravity and slippage effect, the air bubbles are discharged into the annular space of the oil jacket, and the sand particles settle down into the pocket of the oil well, completing the three separations of oil, gas and sand particles.



When lifting the pipe string, it is necessary to operate stably, and it is strictly forbidden to lift, blast and drill in order to prevent accidents.
Pay attention to protect the seals and threads at both ends during handling.

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