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Pumping Well Comprehensive Tester
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Pumping Well Comprehensive Tester

Product description

Pumping Well Comprehensive Tester

Product description


The power map liquid level comprehensive tester is a new generation of pressure and pressureless comprehensive test equipment for oil wells and coalbed methane wells that our company focused on and launched. It integrates more than ten years of oil well testing research and development experience, drawing on foreign advanced design concepts, applying today's advanced high-tech technology, and designing and manufacturing key sensor elements in accordance with military standards.

The power chart liquid level comprehensive tester is mainly composed of four parts: a power chart liquid level data recorder, an aeroacoustic liquid level tester, a sound generator, and a power chart tester. It is used to test and store oil well level and power chart data.

The power map liquid level data recorder is used to record and store power map and liquid level data.

Power chart tester: During the test, the pumping unit needs to be stopped and clamped, and the tester is clamped between the rope suspension and the clamp. The entire power chart can be completed by wirelessly sending the power chart command through the oil well power chart liquid level recorder. After the test is completed, you need to stop the pumping unit, remove the clamps, then remove the tester, and then start pumping again.

Air-acoustic liquid level tester: The surface material is directly processed from high-quality stainless steel, which is tough and corrosion-resistant. The gas circuit breaker firing mechanism is made of beryllium bronze alloy. It is a special material for explosion-proof tools. It does not produce sparks during friction or impact Characteristics. An integrated built-in gas storage chamber is used. The device is tightly connected to the casing during testing and is completely isolated from the outside air. Only the gas storage chamber communicates with the casing through the firing mechanism, and external air cannot enter the casing. Small size, light weight and easy to carry.

Acoustic sounder: It is mainly used to provide a safe and stable pneumatic sound source for testing the liquid surface depth. This device can directly generate the infrasound pulse required for testing the liquid surface without using a nitrogen bottle, eliminating the trouble of repeatedly inflating the nitrogen bottle, which is safe and convenient. .

Technical characteristics


This equipment can be used for both casing and uncased wells. In the case of no casing pressure, it can completely replace the nitrogen bottle, and generate sound source by extracting the casing gas in the oil well without changing the gas composition in the casing. It is safe and explosion-proof, and has no subsequent testing costs. The company's relevant requirements for safe production; in the case of casing pressure, the pressure difference test of the casing is directly used.

No nitrogen bottle or gunpowder bullet is needed, easy operation, safety, energy saving and environmental protection.
This equipment adopts regular charging test to reduce testing and maintenance costs. There is no testing cost for bullets and nitrogen bottles, which avoids the potential safety hazards of both of them in use and storage and transportation.
The instrument is small and compact, which makes it more convenient for the operator to use on the spot. The host uses a wide-temperature large-screen LCD, which displays a large amount of information and can be clearly displayed at -20 ° C.
With casing killing, the casing gas is used for testing directly, which is fast and reliable.
Without casing killing, the pulsed sound wave generator is used to extract the casing gas in the wellbore for pressure testing, which is simple and easy.
Digital signal processing technology is used to ensure accurate data and high liquid level test accuracy.

The liquid level test effect of deep wells without pressure is obviously better than other manufacturers.

Working principle


At present, the design of liquid level testing equipment is based on the working principle of sound wave reflection, that is, the instrument is installed at the test wellhead. When the test sound wave propagates in the gas medium, it will generate reflection pulses when it encounters phonetic symbols, couplings and liquid levels. The sounder component receives the sound pulse and converts it into an electrical signal. It is digitally processed by the control circuit. Based on the phonetic value or coupling, it can accurately measure the propagation speed of the sound wave pulse and the reflection time of the reflected pulse, and automatically calculate the interval between the liquid surface and the wellhead. The distance, that is, the depth of the liquid surface, the test results and the curve graph are stored in the data memory of the control circuit.


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