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Pumping Well Comprehensive Tester
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Pumping Well Comprehensive Tester

Product description

Pumping Well Comprehensive Tester

Product description


In order to respond to the national energy-saving and emission-reduction requirements and change the disadvantages of the oil field current method to test the balance of pumping units, the comprehensive tester designed by our company uses the power method to adjust the balance of the pumping units to achieve energy saving and safe operation of the pumping units. the goal of.

The power balance method is an adjustment method based on the power curve of the pumping unit. The power curve of the pumping unit is a continuous function with a stroke cycle as a cycle. After testing the power consumption of the pumping unit, this method only needs to know the three parameters of the number of weights, weight, and current installation position to calculate the optimal installation position of the weights. Parameters, power curve and energy saving situation.

Technical index


Applicable frequency range: industrial frequency type: 50Hz frequency conversion type: 20Hz ~ 65Hz;

Voltage measurement range: Type I: 0 ~ 660VAC Type II: 660 ~ 1140VAC error ≤1%;

Current measurement range: 0 ~ 150A, error ≤1%;

Power measurement range: ≤150kW error ≤2%;

Operating temperature range: -35 ℃ ~ 60 ℃.

Technical characteristics


Exquisite integrated design, combined with wireless start-up controller, makes field operation simple and efficient;
LCD display interface, data query and function setting are more concise;
Dedicated balance simulation analysis software, as long as the number, weight, and current installation position of the existing balance weights are provided, the optimal adjustment amount of the balance weights, the daily power consumption, and the predicted power savings can be determined to determine the adjustment plan;
Adapt to low temperature field test environment;
TF card storage (standard: 2GB);
Data communication using UsB interface, convenient data transmission
Measure, display and record the following power parameters: voltage, current, system frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, power balance, current balance, etc.
Color LCD displays power curve, current curve, and voltage curve.

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