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Universal liquid level automatic monitor
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Universal liquid level automatic monitor

Product description

Universal liquid level automatic monitor

Product description


The conventional columnar centralizer is mainly to prevent serious accidents caused by the friction of the sucker rod and the inner wall of the oil pipe, which will cause the wear of the oil pipe and the wear and tear of the sucker rod coupling. The conventional columnar centralizer can greatly reduce the friction coefficient between the sucker rod and the inner wall of the oil pipe, improve the service life of the oil pipe and the sucker rod, increase the success rate of operation, and be convenient to use.

Technical characteristics


It adopts nylon 66 material and is processed by special process to make it the centering sleeve. It has the characteristics of small friction coefficient, no slag dropping after abrasion, long service life and relatively low cost.
Adopt unique inner ellipse structure. The centralizer is a two-half buckle type. After the centralizer block A and the centralizer block B hold the sucker rod and lock it, the sucker rod forces the centralizer to deform internally. The strong deformation force produced by it makes the sucker rod of the centralizer fit tightly without axial sliding.
Good self-wear resistance and low coefficient of friction. The righting area is increased and the wear resistance is increased. If the centralizer has high abrasion resistance, it can maintain a good centering effect for a long time, and the partial wear damage will be reduced to a small degree.
The centralizer has less wear and tear on the tubing. After using the engineering plastic nylon 66 centralizer, the rod-tube friction pair changed from metal-metal pair to metal-engineering plastic pair. Although the abrasion resistance of engineering plastics is not as good as that of oil pipes, it effectively protects the oil pipes from severe wear.
Centralizer has excellent mechanical properties.

Technical principle


The conventional cylindrical centralizer is connected to the sucker rod through upper and lower couplings, and the centralizer sleeve is used to centralize the sucker rod in the oil pipe. The feature is that the straightening sleeve adopts straight teeth or spiral teeth and rotates relative to the body to make it have higher mechanical strength.

Installation Notes


When in use, hit back tongs on the square of the sucker rod, tighten pipe tongs on the flat body below the centralizer, hit back pliers on the coupling of the centralizer (that is, the three-tooth ring), and Tighten the pipe clamp on the square of the oil rod to ensure that the centralizer does not deform;
Sucker rod guide must be installed;
In oil wells of old oil pipes, the old oil pipe buckles must be chamfered at 45 °;
Keep it steady.

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