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Bare Clip Assembly

Product description

Conventional cylindrical centralizer

Product description


The new polished rod clamp assembly is developed by our company based on many years of practical experience in actual production and combined with advanced technologies at home and abroad. It is completely suitable for oilfield and gas production. This product is clamped on a polished rod and reciprocates up and down movement of the pumping unit to achieve the purpose of oil and gas production. This product has a simple structure, has anti-loosening function, is safe and convenient to use, brings convenience for disassembly, adjustment of position, and workover operations, and has good practicability.

Technical characteristics


The product is mainly composed of slip body, clamping teeth and high-strength t-bolts. The structure is simple, the clamping is reliable, the anti-loosening function is safe, and the use is safe and convenient.
The product adopts the inner groove design, and has been scientifically improved on the basis of the previous use of the inclined groove, which has greatly improved the strength of the slip body.
In the past, the use of annular adjustment and fastening bolts has the disadvantage that the annular ring is elongated after being stressed. If the hardness of the heat treatment is too high, it will easily crack at the annular place and cause an accident. This product uses enlarged high-strength t-bolts to prevent such accidents.
The clamping teeth were originally quenched with 45 # steel, but they could not get stuck at all when encountering anti-corrosive polished rods or ultra-wear-resistant polished rods. This product uses 20crmoti high-quality materials, after carburizing and quenching treatment, the surface hardness reaches hrc58-62, the heart tissue has better toughness, the entire clamping tooth has good comprehensive mechanical properties, and is suitable for various polished rods.
The tooth profile originally used a 3mm pitch sawtooth ring buckle, which is easy to bite the polished rod and affect the polished rod's service life. This product uses an asymmetric ribbon. During use, the polished rod only has a slight deformation, and the indentation does not exceed 0.1mm, which will not affect the service life of the polished rod.
The inner groove clamp adopts a wedge-type clamping structure, and the longer the load is, the larger the clamping force will be.
Appearance adopts the surface spraying process of household appliances (air conditioners) and phosphating electrostatic spraying, which greatly improves the product's corrosion resistance.
Easy to maintain. When replacing old polished rod slips, due to long-term corrosion in the field, the teeth often rust in the groove, which is very laborious to replace. This product can be easily replaced without the need for professionals and specialized tools. Greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators and reduce costs.

Installation Notes


The specifications of the polished pole card must be consistent with the nominal value of the polished pole;
Install in accordance with the markings on the bare card, do not reverse the installation;
Try to clean the clamped position;
Tighten the  nut tightly, the torque force is ≥280n.m.
Do not operate illegally during the installation process of the polished rod clamp assembly. It is strictly forbidden to put your hands on the two sides of the polished rod clamp assembly.

After the installation is completed, the brake is decelerated to slowly load the polished rod clamp assembly to avoid unnecessary damage caused by excessive impact load on the polished rod clamp assembly.

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