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Sucker rod coupling

Product description

Sucker rod coupling

Product description


Anti-eccentric wear sucker rod coupling is a newly developed anti-eccentric wear sucker rod sucker rod tool, which has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, long service life and relatively low cost. It is suitable for eccentrically pumped wells, especially for eccentrically pumped wells and directional inclined wells above the neutral point of the sucker rod. Below the neutral point of the sucker rod, it works better with the nylon centralizer on the sucker rod body to prevent partial wear.

Technical principle


The core of the technology of anti-eccentricity sucker rod coupling is to apply alloy powder on the surface of sucker rod coupling with a special surface treatment process to obtain a wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and low-friction coating. The abrasiveness is more than 10 times that of ordinary couplings, and the amount of tubing wear is reduced by about 3 times.

Instructions for use


Has excellent self-protection

The alloy powder coating ensures that the coupling maintains excellent wear and corrosion resistance in the complex working conditions of the underground. The composition, microstructure, and hardness of the coating are very different from those of the tubing, preventing and delaying the initial adhesion wear. The high hardness of the coating enhances the wear resistance of the coupling.

Good protection for tubing

The unique anti-wear element (ε phase) in the alloy powder coating is uniformly transferred to the surface of the tubing in the form of a sheet during the friction between the coating and the tubing, and adheres to the surface of the tubing, forming solid lubrication, protecting and slowing the Wear, while reducing the coefficient of friction between the coupling and the oil pipe, played a role in reducing friction.

Specification series


According to the actual needs of the oil field site, currently the sucker rod couplings have a series of specifications such as PJ19SM, PJ22SM, PJ25SM.

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