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Wellhead long-term sealing energy-saving and environmental protection device
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Wellhead long-term sealing energy-saving and environmental protection device

Product description

Wellhead long-term sealing energy-saving and environmental protection device

Product description


The petroleum industry has a history of nearly 100 years. Packing boxes used for wellhead sealing of pumping units have also developed synchronously for nearly 100 years. There are currently dozens of different design concepts, different prices, different shapes and types on the market. Packing boxes have problems such as tight packing seals, hidden dangers of safety pollution, eccentric wear of packings on polished rods, and tedious and inefficient maintenance.

In response to this problem, the wellhead long-term sealed energy-saving environmental protection device (packaging box) independently developed by our company can well solve this technical problem. It can not only reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, but also meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection.

The wellhead long-term sealing energy-saving and environmental protection device is mainly composed of a radial misalignment base, an axial misalignment ball head, a ball head pressure cap, a blowout seal assembly, an energy storage device, particulate filler, a packing pressure cap, a gasket and a seal ring.

Instructions for use


Put the base, the main body, the energy storage device, the seal ring, and the upper cover into the polished rod in order from bottom to top;
Use a donkey head of a pumping unit to lift the polished rod to the point and mark the inclined direction of the polished rod at the wellhead;
Use pipe clamps to connect the base to the wellhead. After tightening, make sure that the red point on the surface of the base is consistent with the oblique direction of the polished rod.
Connect the main body and the base, and rotate and adjust the main body so that the red point on the surface and the red point on the base are consistent with the tilting direction of the polished rod
Press a sealing ring into the main body, this process rotates and adjusts the main body so that the polished rod is in the center position without squeezing the sealing ring;
Use a pipe wrench to tighten the main body cap. Observe the position of the red dot on the surface of the main body and the base to ensure that the two parts do not rotate.
Press the sealing ring that has been pressed into the main body to the bottom, and add filler to the marked line in the main body;
Press the other sealing ring into the body to seal the packing;
Connect and tighten the upper cover with the main body with pipe wrenches, and screw the upper cover to the mark of the main body's screw thread to complete the installation;

Technical characteristics


Long-term sealing function (first-level sealing): This function is the main function of the product. This product has a longer sealing period than the traditional packing box. If the user uses the product to replace the polished rod with a new one, the seal The sealing period can reach 6 months or even more than one year. The sealing of this product changes the original fixed profile sealing principle. Using the principle of fluid sealing, under the action of compensation force, the unique formula particles of the composite material always hold the polished rod to achieve sealing. The particle composition takes into account the resistance to strong acid and alkali corrosion, as well as its own flexibility, and at the same time its smoothness, to achieve long-term sealing, and to reduce friction and energy consumption.
Automatic energy storage function: This product has an automatic energy storage function compared to traditional packing boxes. A metal spring is used in the design to continuously and uniformly pressurize the sealing material, which avoids the traditional packing boxes due to manual mechanical force. Packing causes an increase in the motor load of the pumping unit, ensuring the close coupling of the sealing material and the polished rod, and ensuring that the product has a long-term sealing cycle that saves energy.
Automatic well sealing function: Compared with the traditional packing box, this product has the function of automatically closing the well when the sucker rod of the production well is damaged or broken, preventing the occurrence of environmental pollution accidents such as oil running and water running.
Secondary sealing function: This function ensures that the wellhead will continue to be sealed in the event of a primary seal failure and to seal the well itself when the device is changing packing.
Both angular deviation and displacement deviation adjustment: Compared with the traditional packing box, this product has the function of deviation adjustment, the maximum adjustment of horizontal displacement is 13mm, and the vertical angle is any angle within 360 degrees. Making the product run in the centered state eliminates the eccentric wear of the packing due to some reason, which not only protects the polished rod and packing, but also reduces the polished rod damage caused by the eccentric wear.

High temperature resistance: Compared with traditional packing boxes, this product has the effects of normal sealing, energy saving and environmental protection at a temperature of 260 ° C. It is suitable for thermal recovery of heavy oil or heavy oil.

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