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Continuous feeding angle polarizing rod sealer
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Continuous feeding angle polarizing rod sealer

Product description

Continuous feeding angle polarizing rod sealer

Product description


With the continuous development of China's oil fields, most of China's oil fields have entered the stage of mechanical oil recovery, and the main equipment used in mechanical oil recovery is rod pumping equipment. According to relevant data statistics, rod-pumping wells in China account for more than 80% of the total number of wells, and wellhead smooth rod seals are an essential supporting product for rod-pumping equipment. In rod pumping equipment, most of the wellhead smooth rod seals are conventional. By investigating the use of smooth rod seals by some oil extraction teams in Shengli Oilfield, it is found that the service life of the seal ring in conventional wellhead smooth rod seals can be up to 2 to 3 months, and the shortest is less than 24 hours. Stop the well. In order to avoid oil leakage at the wellhead, the oil extraction workers must regularly inspect the oil wells and tight packings, which brings a lot of trouble to the oil production. To this end, we have designed and developed a continuous feed angle polarizing rod seal. The sealer can realize the functions of continuous feeding and angle adjustment.

Continuous feed angle polarizing rod sealer is mainly composed of primary packing pressure cap, belt guide, primary packing cavity, belt, tapered packing, secondary packing pressure cap, secondary packing, oil scraping Device, secondary packing chamber, ball head pressing cap and universal ball head.

Instructions for use



Put the polished rod sealer into the polished rod as a whole, and the secondary packing is now released;
Tighten the ball joint and wellhead tightly;
Turn the primary packing pressure cap clockwise to the end to expose the belt guide;
Screw the belt into the belt guide. When it cannot be screwed in again, turn the packing packing cap counterclockwise to expose the belt guide.
Continue screwing the belt and repeat the above process until the belt is screwed to the design length;
Tighten the primary packing pressure cap;
Then open the well, loosen the ball head cap appropriately, so that the polished rod can automatically adjust the angle. After the adjustment, the ball head cap is tightened to complete the installation.

Replace packing

When replacing the packing, turn the secondary packing pressure cap clockwise to the end;
Then loosen the primary packing pressure cap, remove the old belt from the belt guide, and then continue to load the new belt.

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