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Self-expanding packer in case of oil and water
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Self-expanding packer in case of oil and water

Product description

Self-expanding packer in case of oil and water

Product description


The oil-water-swelling self-expanding packer is based on the expansion of polymer materials in an oil-water environment. By absorbing oil and water, the rubber cylinder is continuously expanded to seal the annular space outside the casing (or oil pipe) to reach the layer The purpose of bit isolation. At present, the packer is widely used in horizontal well segmented mining, water control and water blocking, reservoir reconstruction and auxiliary cementing.

The self-expanding packer that meets oil and water is mainly composed of a central tube, an expansion rubber and a metal retaining ring. The expanded rubber is directly vulcanized or bonded and fixed on the central tube of various sizes. The length of the sealing element (0.5-9.0m) can be customized according to customer needs. Its outer diameter and seal length can be adjusted according to the pressure difference, operating conditions and other requirements. The thicker the glue layer, the greater the expansion of the cartridge.

Instructions for use


Before the packer goes down, the well should be operated to ensure the safe and smooth running of the packer.

Pay attention to protect the threads and cartridges at both ends during packer handling.

Pay attention to control the speed during running down, and it is strictly forbidden to lift it quickly to avoid damaging the cartridge.

Make sure that the casing is finished within 48 hours to prevent the barrel from expanding in advance.

Technical characteristics


Insensitive to acids, bases and salts;
Continuous expansion and self-repair;
Suitable for high temperature and high pressure conditions;
Does not take up rig time;
No delivery tools, no adverse effects, no technical risks.

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