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Four-stage pulse cyclone

Product description

Four-stage pulse cyclone

Product description


With the technological progress of oilfield exploration and development and the deep development of old oilfields, complex formations, difficult-to-use reservoirs, and special structural wells have gradually increased, and the requirements for cementing quality have become higher and higher.

The four-stage pulse cyclone is based on the successful experience of domestic and foreign cementing hydraulic pulse oscillators and hydraulic mechanical vibrators, combined with the current status of domestic cementing construction, and using mechanical and fluid science to comprehensively develop the cement slurry replacement efficiency. The core is a cementing hydraulic oscillation device. It combines the hydraulic pressure pulse and the hydraulic mechanical vibration into one organically, draws on each other's strengths, and makes better use of the energy of the hydraulic wave.

The device can reduce the viscosity of drilling fluid, remove casing wall attachments and well wall mud cakes, and improve the replacement efficiency of cement slurry; it can improve the performance of cement slurry, shorten the gelation transition period, enhance the strength of cement stone and increase the strength of The cementing force of the wall improves the cementing quality, so as to protect the oil and gas layer and prolong the service life of the oil and gas well. Its effective action length is greater than 1000m.

The four-stage pulse cyclone is composed of an upper connector, a polarization mechanism, a pulse mechanism, and a lower connector. Polarization mechanism and pulse mechanism improve the quality of cementing by generating polarization and pulse.

Instructions for use


Put the four-stage pulse cyclone into the designated position according to the design;
Operate according to the cementing program. When the construction displacement is 0.5m³ / min-2m³ / min, the oscillation frequency is 10-50HZ, which meets the requirements for comprehensively increasing the oscillation frequency of cementing quality. The organic recombination of radial mechanical vibration and axial hydraulic pulses optimizes the superimposition of double shock waves, increasing the amplitude and slowing down the attenuation.

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