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Hydraulic casing centralizer

Product description

Hydraulic casing centralizer

Product description


In the process of casing completion, in order to ensure that the casing is as centered as possible, an elastic centralizer is generally run down. Although the centralizer has played a role of centralizing to a certain extent, it has the following deficiencies during application:

Large outer diameter makes it difficult to run in;
It is easy to scrape the wall of the well when entering, resulting in resistance;
The bearing capacity is insufficient to ensure the centering of the casing.

  In response to this problem, we have designed and developed a hydraulic casing centralizer

Instructions for use


The outer diameter of the tool is smaller than that of a conventional centralizer, which solves the problem of difficulty in running;
Will not puncture the well wall when entering;
After expansion, it has a larger outer diameter than conventional centralizers, has a strong bearing capacity, can effectively support the well wall, and has a good centering effect. It can achieve the centering of long casing strings downhole and improve the quality of cementing.

It adopts hydraulic working mode and self-protection design, so it will not expand in advance.
With locking mechanism, it will not retract after expansion.
The centering force is large. At 14MPa pressure, the minimum centering force is not less than 40kN.

After expansion, the annular flow area is not affected. The smallest annular area> 100mm diameter pipe diameter.

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