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Safety connector

Product description

Safety connector

Product description


The safety joint is a safety tool which is easy to trip and buckle connected to the pipe string in the well. It is installed at the position where the pipe string needs to be disengaged. It can transmit torque and withstand various composite stresses together with the pipe string. When a fault occurs in the well, the operation of the pipe string can be completed through the wellhead operation. Protection.

The safety joint is mainly composed of 1 unloading part, 2 load release shear pin, 3 seal ring and 4 retaining well fishing part.

Instructions for use


Connect the safety joint to the designated position of the pipe string according to the design requirements and run it into the well.
When the measures fail or salvage of the pipe string is required according to the requirements of the oil well measures, simply take the part above the safety joint, lift up the load or turn upside down to lift out the pipe string above the safety joint, and proceed to the next salvage process.

Then run down the tubing string corresponding to the safety joint retaining well fishing catch to the safety joint.

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